Neopost Leasing

Neopost Leasing is a leading financing provider with customers across Canada. Our financial and advisory services are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that rely on postage meters, folder inserters and related mailroom equipment to manage the flow of business communications through their organizations.

As a leasing company for highly specialized products, Neopost Leasing has developed a real understanding of our customers’ needs and has the flexible financial solutions to match them. Leasing is the most widely accepted form of financing used to acquire capital equipment.

The popularity of leasing is a direct result of the numerous benefits it provides: obsolescence protection, cash conservation and flexible payment terms. Working with a strong, stable financial partner is essential in today's business environment.

If you have any questions about which leasing program or financing solution would be right for your business, please contact your Neopost Sales Representative.


Neopost Leasing



NeoFunds™ is a simple Postage On Demand service that allows you to access a line of credit to refill your mailing system as often as you need. It works just like the overdraft protection your bank provides.

Forgot to send a cheque to refill your postage account? Have a last-minute mailing and don't have the funds in your account to complete the job? No Problem. With NeoFunds™ you can have flexibility of having the postage you need now and pay for it later.

No more estimating the amount of postage you need at the beginning of the month, only to run out unexpectedly. NeoFunds™ improves your company's cash flow and increases efficiency!