May 2nd, 2013

2Ship Helps Fluidmaster

Fluidmaster logo

2Ship Streamlines the Shipping Process at Fluidmaster

Based in California but with a global reach, Fluidmaster rules the plumbing industry, selling more toilet tank replacement parts than anyone else in the world. Business grew quickly and significantly as its outshone the competition with quality products and reliable, fast service. Yet the costs of expediting product movement were extremely high and continued increasing significantly.


The main requirement to sustain rapid growth was to keep things moving. Fluidmaster was successfully achieving this goal, but soon realized that costs were out of control. At the same time, costly shipping errors and vendors using incorrect accounts were only found long after courier bills had been paid.


Fluidmaster installed an international 2Ship solution that standardized all shipping processes and enforced strict shipping and expediting rules. As well, vendors could now only ship on approved account numbers. 


This international 2Ship solution brought Fluidmaster immediate and significant savings. At the same time, it streamlined and improved internal processes and empowered accounts payable staff to easily check and question courier invoices before they paid them. This 2Ship solution has given Fluidmaster complete small package visibility across its entire network of manufacturing and distribution centres.