August 29th, 2012



Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council

In 2010 the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council, OMVIC, was outsourcing the printing, folding, inserting and mailing of nearly 33,000 customer communications to a local print house.

“We needed tighter control over our mail process to provide our customers and stakeholders with higher service levels,” remembers Chandar Singh, OMVIC’s Director of Corporate Services. Some deadlines had been missed and there was a steady increase in customer satisfaction calls.

Thanks to Neopost, OMVIC got what it needed:

  • a high-volume folder/inserter,
  • mail management and address cleansing software,
  • custom furniture
  • and reliable after-sales suppor

OMVIC is the enforcement authority for Ontario’s Motor Vehicle Dealers Act. It administers the registration and licensing requirements for nearly 8,000 dealerships and over 24,000 salespersons. Dealership licences must be renewed annually in Ontario, while licenses for sales people must be renewed every two years.

Without their licenses, dealerships may not open their doors and sales people cannot sell to their customers. And it’s OMVIC’s job to ensure that all those licenses are properly reviewed, renewed, printed and mailed before they expire.


Since 1997 OMVIC had been outsourcing the printing and mailing of all new and renewal documentation to a local print house. Renewal information was transmitted electronically, certificates and renewal applications were printed, folded and inserted into individual envelopes and then the printer mailed them out. From start to finish, it could take up to 10 days for an envelope to reach a registrant.

“That was a long time for registrants who were waiting to do business,” says Mary Jane South, OMVIC’s Director of Operations and Deputy Registrar.

Although it was doing good work, the printer’s set-up charges were limiting OMVIC to sending out large renewal batches only once a month. The monthly mailouts were triggering too many calls from dealerships and sales people complaining about being unable to work while they waited for registration certificates to arrive in the mail.

Because renewal fees are the major source of revenue for OMVIC, and renewals create a significant source of work for the registration team, the monthly mailouts were also generating unwanted peaks and valleys in workflow and cashflow.

Providing higher service levels and controlling the registration process had become vital objectives for OMVIC.


Danielle Patty handles the account for Neopost. “We started with a conversation about bringing their folding and inserting in-house,” she remembers. “It seemed overwhelming at first, but they soon realized they could respond better to their customers’ needs by reducing turnaround time and controlling their workflow.”

Danielle proposed a Neopost DS-140 Folder/Inserter. With its reliable and easy-to-use design, it could run batches every day and easily keep up with demand. Its small footprint took up little floor space, so there was no need to find additional room for the new equipment. And its quiet operation meant it could easily go in the photocopying room. Danielle proposed some custom furniture to accommodate the inserter that would match what was already there, so it was an easy transition.

“But Danielle kept asking questions,” remembers Registration Services Manager, Thaya Gengatharan. “She wanted to thoroughly understand how our renewal process worked and what we were putting into our envelopes.”

Salespersons’ renewal confirmation letters were mailed with their new license cards, which were glued to the folded letters. Dealership licenses were printed and mailed separately.

“Often several envelopes went to the same dealership address in a week,” says Thaya. “When Danielle found that out, she told us we could greatly reduce our postage and printing costs.”

Danielle brought in Neopost’s Solutions Group to examine OMVIC’s print stream. They proposed an OMS – Output Management Solution – that would hold documents in the server and then collate, print and insert them into the same addressed envelope. Instant postage savings, fewer envelopes and less ink.

But they didn’t stop there. The OMS also had address cleansing software that would greatly reduce wasted postage with returned mail. With nearly 33,000 contact names, OMVIC was bound to have incorrect addresses.

OMVIC did its due diligence before choosing Neopost, meeting with another well-known supplier as well. Mary Jane and her team explored all their options and saw demos of both proposed folder/inserters.

“We were quickly more comfortable with Neopost,” Thaya remembers. “They understood our needs better and were more precise and complete with their solution.”

Debbie Keshen is Neopost’s Technical Service Manager. She explains that her installation, training and service teams were fully prepared for OMVIC’s first live run.

“We made sure everything was in place well before the go-live date,” says Debbie. “We tested the system with blank paper and then sample documents, and we encouraged the new operation team to practice using the solution after it was installed. Everything went perfectly on both sides – ours and theirs.”


Today Chandar Singh is very pleased with the higher service levels OMVIC is providing its stakeholders.

In the past if a sales person lost a licence card, he or she would have to wait for the regular print-house run, and it could take up to 10 days to get a replacement. By doing it in-house, OMVIC can now take the call, process a renewal and get a replacement card in the mail in one day.

Now that the Neopost solution is up and running and all fulfillment is being done in-house, Thaya says there’s much less stress at OMVIC.

“We know our dealers and dealerships will get their renewals on time from now on.”