Monday, February 6, 2012

3 Reasons Why Direct Mail is Still Effective

Even in a world seemingly dominated by cell phone apps, email and social media, people still respond to direct mail. Consistent mailing campaigns using a postage meter are a great way to create positive, predictable results. If you fully understand your target market and have access to reliable mailing solutions, your mailing campaigns will become increasingly successful. Here are a few ways in which your mailing campaigns can benefit your business objectives.

Touch and Feel
A mail piece is something you can touch and feel. It’s not here one second and gone the next. If you have the ability to produce a quality message for your audience it will demand attention from the reader. With a compelling message in a timely fashion your letter will be opened and read. This gives you a shot at catching your prospect’s attention, and holding it for period of time.

Efficiency Mail Room Operations
With highly efficient mail room operations and a succinct strategy your direct mail campaign will be able to reach your target audience in just the right time. Understanding your target demographic and finding evergreen topics to discuss, you will keep your audience interested in your products or services.  

Cost Savings & Convenience
With cost savings and convenience, a postage meter can be advantageous for any small business. When you have basic knowledge of proven marketing techniques your direct mailings become a powerful tool that can help maximize profits from new and existing clients.

By using your mail room operations efficiently and following trends in the direct mail industry you will have a competitive advantage over your competition. Do not forget to connect with prospects on a personal level and do your best to connect with them several times with the goal of building a relationship.