Management of your mailing system at your fingertips

MYNEOPOST is a unique online application that provides instant access to all of the services and supplies you need to realize the full potential of your mailing machine.
It is suited for any size mailroom, from small offices to multi-site organizations. Create a MYNEOPOST account today and start enjoying all the benefits of our full suite of management and productivity apps.  Enjoy on-demand access to all the online services you need to manage your mailing operations conveniently and cost effectively through this easy to use web portal.

Mail'n Ship Tools


Control lettermail processing from your PC

Run My Mail

RunMyMail pairs the IN-Series control panel to your PC creating an unparalleled user experience. All control panel features are accessed from a PC, making mail processing easier and faster.



Ship with Canada Post, pay for postage instantly


Need to send a large envelope or a package? Simply access NeoShip from your suite of MYNEOPOST online tools, follow the illustrated prompts to create your Canada Post compliant shipping label in 4 simple steps, then pay for postage before you ship using your Neopost Digital Postage On Call (DPOC) account. View all available Canada Post delivery services and choose the one that best meets your needs and budget.



Monitor, track, confirm, your postage spending 24/7


Monitor: MYPOSTAGE allows you to monitor the lettermail and parcel processing activities of all your locations by department and postage cost, giving you a complete view of your postage spending. Create basic reports and export data for monthly, quarterly or year-over-year planning to better manage your mail processing expenditures and reduce operating costs. Postage Account statements and post-delivery adjustment reports are also available online, anytime.

Track & Confirm: MYPOSTAGE takes management of your Postage Account to another level. With daily updated records of your mail and parcel postage spending, you will always have enough credit to get all your mail and parcels out on time. Print pre-configured reports included with the app or easily export postage usage data into Excel® for additional analysis and reporting.



Turn your mail into a direct marketing piece by adding graphics to your envelopes.


Turn your mail into a direct marketing piece by adding graphics to your envelopes at the same time you print your postage. Import, modify, and upload custom graphics directly to your IS and IN series Mail’n Ship Stations, or use one of the many images that are available on our online image library. Add advertisements, logos, seasonal greetings, return addresses, important messages and more.



Makes Mail’n Ship Station supplies easy to manage and simple to order


Manage: MYSUPPLIES maximizes the productivity of your mailing operation by taking the guesswork out of managing and ordering ink supplies. Your Mail’n Ship Station will send an automatic e-mail alert to Neopost when your ink level gets low. Once we receive the ink alert, our Customer Service Centre will place a courtesy call to inform you that your ink cartridge is running out of ink.

Order: Shop for your mailroom supplies online and place orders anytime. View order details by invoice, order status and order history.



View your MYNEOPOST contact information and account status online


View: MYDETAILS is a fast and simple way to review your customer information on file with Neopost to ensure that your contact information is always up to date. MYDETAILS also allows you to identify your station and your accounts by adding nicknames for easy reference.



Download an operator manual, request on-site technical support and review your request status 24/7

My Help Desk

If you need an operator manual or want on-site support from a Neopost Service Technician, the MYHELPDESK app quickly connects you to our operator manual library to download a user guide and to our Customer Service Centre to place a service call. The app then allows you to track the status of your request online to ensure that your timing and service expectations are met.



Report, diagnose and upgrade your station on demand


Report: MYEQUIPMENT provides you with simple lettermail reporting that enables you to charge back costs to turn your mailroom into a profit centre. It also provides excellent visibility by showing daily usage trends for better planning and staffing of your mailing operations. View all reports as graphical snapshots, including charts and graphs. Easily export postage usage data into Excel® for additional analysis and reporting.

Diagnose: Each month your Mail’n Ship Station will download performance information to Neopost to allow us to efficiently diagnose potential problems over the phone. If we cannot solve a problem over the phone, our factory-trained service technician will know exactly what area of the system to focus on when he arrives on-site. Our ability to review your system's performance information optimizes the productivity of your Mail’n Ship Station and reduces possible downtime.

Upgrade: Many feature upgrades to your current configuration may be completed remotely. If you need an increase in the number of accounting departments on your system or you need to weigh items that exceed the weighing capacity of your current weighing device, we can complete these upgrades without having to send a technician to your office. Postage rate changes are simple too, as new rates are downloaded directly onto your Mail’n Ship Station. With MYNEOPOST you can maximize your Mail’n Ship Station's productivity with the touch of a button and get back to processing your mail in minutes.



Compare and choose the best Canada Post option for all your mailing and shipping activities and save on postage costs.


MYRATES helps make sure you don't waste your postage money. Enter the dimensions of your letters or parcels, the originating postal codes and destination postal codes. The app takes care of the rest. View all available Canada Post delivery services and choose the one that best meets your needs and budget before you begin processing your letters and parcels.


Productivity Tools


Your source for detailed information on Canada Post's core products and services

My Services

MYSERVICES provides instant access to information pertaining to all Canada Post services including qualifying criteria, service options, delivery standards, service pricing and preparation guidelines. MYSERVICES can be used by mail service providers, agencies, shippers and letter senders to ensure that users understand how each service works to ensure your delivery needs and expectations are met when you use Canada Post to delivery services.



Choose the right envelope for your mail to minimize your postage costs


MYENVELOPES puts you in touch with Canada Post's self-serve online resource centre that helps you design creative, machine-friendly mail. Browse envelope and card template galleries. Preview templates with addressing and graphics guidelines and boost the marketing appeal of your mailings by learning about best practices in colour and font selection and graphics placement.



Target the right audience for your business.


Direct Marketing Mail is a powerful way to reach potential customers. Your flyer, brochure or product sample can be delivered along with the daily mail even if you don't have a mailing list. And with Canada Post, you have access to 14 million residential and businesses.

So how do you decide which ones are right for you? That's where Neopost's MYOPPORTUNITIES app comes into play. This interactive online service helps you find the right audience for your message in 5 easy steps.



Improve response rates, decrease costs and increase the ROI on all your mail.


MYADDRESSES is an easy-to-use online tool that helps you clean and update your customer and prospect mailing lists. Maximize your ROI, reduce postage spending and reach your intended recipients by using address lists that are complete, accurate and up to date. And if you're not sure your list needs to be cleaned, get a free diagnostic first.



Find Postal Code information for any address in Canada.

myPostal Code

MYPOSTAL CODE allows you to look up postal code information for any address in Canada by identifying a whole or partial address, rural route or PO box address. Verifying postal codes improves the efficiency of your mail processing operations by determining the best delivery routes for specific postal codes, calculating the number of pieces you'll need for your mailing and determining delivery office information.



Locate a Postal Outlet near you.

myPost Office

Canada Post has over 6,600 post offices across the country. MYPOST OFFICE is a fast, simple way to locate a post office anywhere in Canada



Request a parcel pick up anytime.


Do you have parcels that are ready to ship? MYPICKUPS allows you to set up, modify and manage Canada Post pickup requests online. Choose from a variety of pickup services to meet your shipping needs.



Find the nearest deposit location to drop off your letters and parcels

My Drop Off

Do you have commercial volumes of lettermail that are ready to be delivered? Looking for the closest Canada Post depot or retail outlet to drop of your mail? The MYDROP OFF app locates the best Canada Post facility in your area for your commercial mail deposit.



Browse and order Canada Post supplies

Shop Canada Post

Shop for your Canada Post mailing and shipping supplies online and place orders anytime. View order details by invoice, order status and order history.