5 Reasons Why Intelligent Document Management is a Must in the Construction Industry

5 Reasons Why Intelligent Document Management is a Must in the Construction Industry



Working in construction means dealing with a lot of paperwork. In fact (if you’ll excuse the pun), you could say it’s an industry built on paper. Architectural and project plans, brochures, supplier contracts, invoices, staff letters – lots of information is shared and if it isn’t done so in a timely way, or if information goes astray, costly mistakes can be made.

While digital forms of communication are becoming commonplace for many information exchanges, many documents are still printed and mailed. Where this is the caseaccuracy and professionalism are just as important as speed.

Yet, in many cases, document management is manual, with documents printed, collated and put into envelopes by hand.  Mail could go out with pages missing or – far worse – sensitive information could end up in the wrong envelope and be sent to the wrong person.

A range of tools can help turn this situation around. Some are computer-based, providing a centralized hub for outbound mail management; others – such as folder inserters - come in the form of equipment that helps speed up and improve outbound mail preparation.

Letter Folding and Envelope Stuffing

Folder inserters automate envelope stuffing which, when done by hand, can be a huge drain on time and resources. They have additional advantages too. By working in conjunction with management software, they can help improve mail accuracy and security. In fact, they can help the construction industry in five valuable ways:

  1. By bringing security and integrity to outbound mail processes by ensuring that the right documents are sent to the right recipients
  2. Saving time by folding and inserting documents into envelopes more rapidly than can be done by hand
  3. Improving productivity by freeing up staff who would have been occupied preparing mail to spend time on more value-add activities
  4. Providing scalability and making bottle-necks in the operational process a thing of the past
  5. Handling a wide variety of documents, switching seamlessly from one mailing type to another.

‘Intelligence’ comes in the form of barcode reading technology. Optical marks, read by an intelligent folder inserter, help ensure each document goes where it should.

Folding documents and inserting them into envelopes is time-consuming and can jeopardize mail accuracy and delivery. In the busy construction industry, folder inserters can be the difference between getting jobs done accurately and on time.