Parcel Tracking: Improve Package Delivery Following the Holiday Season

Parcel Tracking: Improve Package Delivery Following the Holiday Season


The holiday season is a busy time of year for deliveries but even with the festivities now behind us, mailrooms are handling a backlog of parcels and letters from the holiday break, not to mention deliveries that went uncollected before vacation and, for retailing outlets, returned goods.

With each passing year, online shopping generates more and more parcels. Canadian shoppers spent almost 40 billion US dollars in 2018 and that number is expected to increase to over 53 billion US dollars by 2022.  That’s a lot of parcels to be delivered and some, no doubt, being delivered to places of work.

Locating recipients and getting deliveries to them can be a multi-stage process that eats up mailroom time and prevents staff from getting on with other activities. Add to that multi-site mail processing and things can get even more complicated. If parcels get held up, or go missing, even more time can be spent trying to locate them, while lost deliveries may have to be replaced - spend that could be avoided.

If missing mail contains sensitive information, it can be a security issue which all businesses want to avoid.

Internal Parcel Tracking: Take out the Guesswork with Inbound Mail Tracking Software

Manual processes for tracking parcels can be inefficient and lack transparency. Inbound mail tracking software can turn this around with seamless parcel recording and tracking from the time packages arrive on-site through to the time they’re received at their destination. 

You have full control of the process through:

  • Recording and labelling software which registers scanned mail. Recipients can be identified from an address book and notified of their delivery by email
  • Handheld scanning devices to scan barcodes on the mail at each stage of delivery for real-time status tracking. On delivery, recipients record their signatures on the device and notifications are sent back to the central control system
  • Parcel tracking software, enabling items to be securely tracked through a web portal, with scanning history and proof of delivery.

It’s an end-to-end process that supports accountability and visibility by providing an audit trail for the tracking of parcels. At any time of year, it can help your mailroom meet demands placed on it by inbound deliveries.