Get the postage you need now and pay for it later

Forgot to send a cheque to refill your postage account? Have a last-minute mailing and don't have the funds in your account to complete the job? No Problem. With NeoFunds™ you can have flexibility of having the postage you need now and pay for it later. No more estimating the amount of postage you need at the beginning of the month, only to run out unexpectedly. NeoFunds™ improves your company's cash flow and increases efficiency!

Email your completed form to or fax it to 1-905-513-1406. A Customer Service representative will notify you when your account set-up is complete.

  • Account statements are generated monthly and provide you with a 15-day grace period for reimbursement before non-compounding 0.05% daily interest begins to accrue.
  • Any deposits to your postage account are credited to your outstanding neoFunds balance, reducing the amount of interest you pay