The fast, convenient and secure solution to open your incoming mail

Incoming mail is very important in any business, but handling it effectively and quickly can be complex and time-consuming. Invoices, payments and correspondence arrive daily and can easily stack up. Automating this process means substantial time savings and getting mail to the people who need it quicker. It also reduces the likelihood of errors and increases performance.

With a Neopost letter-opening system by your side, you can make the process of mail opening simpler and faster.


  • Handles mixed mail without presorting.
  • Loading on the fly capability.
  • Processes envelopes up to 4mm thick.

Ease of use

  • Mode of operation easily changed at the touch of a button.
  • Effortless system start up and processing despite unsorted mail.

Document Security

  • Ability to cut along three sides opening envelope up like a book minimizes missing any contents.