Canadian address correction & letter carrier presort software

  • Compatible with Windows 98 or newer / Windows NT

  • SERP certified

  • Automatic program update and upgrade downloads

  • Bilingual address and genderization options


Optimize Communications

  • Ensure delivery of your mail to the correct recipient on the first attempt with accurate mailing address information.

  • Extensive filtering options ensure professional delivery of correspondence to a targeted audience.

Reduce Costs

  • Receive bulk postage discounts based on various levels of presorted mail according to Canada Post requirements.

  • Save on postage lost on returned mail due to inaccurate addresses by cleansing your list before the mailing is executed.

User Friendly Interface

  • Ability to identify inaccurate records and correct addresses with just the click of a mouse.

  • Distinct software package that supports and merges multiple database formats automatically.