Accurately collates, folds and assembles up to 20,000 envelopes per month

The DS-64i saves the time that would otherwise be spent manually folding documents and inserting them into envelopes. Thanks to its best-in-class scanning technology, the DS-64i can read a variety of document codes that are used to automate variable page mail assembly. Utilizing document coding ensures the right documents are always sent to the right person, eliminating the human error that could result when mail is assembled by hand. The DS-64i includes our flexFeed© multi-format feeding technology to allow you to process all document sizes including inserts, reply forms and return envelopes from a single tray. When combined with our output management solutions (OMS) featuring grouping, sorting and splitting capabilities, the DS-64i will optimize your mail flow and contribute to significant cost savings.

Automate folding and inserting of documents and get communications out faster

Ease of use

Ease of use

The 7” color touch screen and wizard-based guidance, simplify operation. Quickly recall up to 50 stored jobs or create new jobs with ease. Load documents and envelopes, press start and the
DS-64i automatically measures the materials and sets itself up.



Continuously feed 325 sheets from each feeder, or up to 650 documents using two feeders in cascading mode. Automatically collate, fold, insert, seal, and count up to 2,500 mail pieces per hour.


Document feeders accommodate a wide variety of material combinations, including full sheets, inserts and business reply envelopes. Five system configurations are available to meet your specific needs.


Our exclusive feeder technology prevents double document errors. When equipped with optional doucment code reading, you can assemble variable-page document sets and selectively include enclosures with absolute accuracy.



Processing speed: Up to 2,500 env. / hour            
7" Color touch screen: Standard            
Automatic settings: Standard            
FlexFeed multi-format feeder: Standard            
Multi-sheet feeding: Standard & up to 10 sheets            
Cascade from all feeders: Standard            
Feeder configurations: 1/1.5/2/2.5 stationer            
Full page scanning: Standard            
Job memories: 50            
Manual feed: Standard            
Exit options: Catch tray/HCVS/side exit            
Feeder capacity: Up to 325 sheets (80g/m²)            
Inserts capacity: Up to 1,200 with Maxi Feeder (A5, 80g)            
Fold types: V-fold, C-fold, Z-fold, Double V-fold, no fold            
Noise level: 64.8 dBA to 67.8 dBA            
Paper width: 130 to 230 mm; 5.1” to 9.3”            
Paper height: 90 to 356 mm; 3.5”to 14”            
Envelope width: 160 to 248 mm; 6.3" to 9.7"            
Envelope height: 90 to 162 mm; 3.5" to 6.38"                
Short feeders: Automatic or glossy materials                
MaxiFeeder: BRE's and inserts                
Maximum set thickness: 2 mm                
Accumulate before folding: Standard                
Tip-to-tip sealing: Standard

Mail Assembly

1D and 2D Barcode Reader (BCR): Standard                
Optical Mark Reader (OMR): Standard                
Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Standard                
Document loading detection: Standard                
Output Management Software (OMS): Standard    


LAN embedded: Standard                
Wi-Fi embedded: Standard                
Remote Assistance: Standard                
Remote Diagnostics: Standard                
Mail'n Ship Station Interface: Standard