The New Standard In Mail Production

The DS-200i maximizes productivity every step of the way, from efficient paper loading to predictive intelligence that estimates when your job will be completed. With its high capacity sheet feeders combined with premium assembly speed for multiple documents, the DS-200i can insert coated and glossy booklets into all regular envelopes as well documents into landscape flat envelopes, making inserting up to 50 pages per envelope easier and more reliable.


    AIMSContent Control You Can Rely On
    When assembling mail with variable pages, the DS-200i's state-of-the-art feeding technology, IMOS operating system and Automated Insertion Management System (AIMS) guarantees the right documents are inserted into the correct envelope, every time. Each feeder calibrates the first document fed and checks each subsequent document to ensure there are no double feeds.
    The system records each document at input then tracks every movement through the system until the completed mail piece is delivered to the conveyor. Neopost's Automated Insertion Management System (AIMS) electronically matches each mail piece to the project's it's mailing data file, confirming that what you wanted to put in each envelope was correctly inserted by the DS-200i.
    If an error does occur, AIMS will identify the mail piece affected, the feeder the error originated from and where the error occurred in the assembly process ensuring you can correct the problem quickly and your mail is sent out on time.

    Make document preparation for your Mail Assembly System even easier with Neopost’s Output Management Software (OMS)
    OMS simplifies and centralizes the preparation of all your customer communications.
    It allows you to:

    • Merge different documents for the same customer into one envelope to save money on envelopes and postage
    • Select inserts from multiple trays to eliminate manual pre-sorting of your documents, reducing mail assembly time and getting your mail out faster
    • Automate the creation of optical marks or barcodes on your existing documents without affecting your invoicing and payroll applications. These marks ensure the right document is inserted into the correct envelope

    DocuCare by Neopost
    Integrated Service and Support
    When it comes to operating and maintaining the productivity tools you’ve invested in, Neopost is right by your side to keep your communications flowing at a price you can afford. DocuCare is a selection of service packages for Neopost Mail Assembly Systems. Each package is designed to meet a service standard that you’re comfortable with and give you peace of mind knowing that Neopost is the right partner for your business. We guarantee to keep your mail assembly system operating smoothly and efficiently.