How much time do you spend manually folding and inserting your mail?

Whatever business you're in, if you send even a few hundred items of mail each month you could really benefit from having a folder inserter. With  the DS-35, manual folding, inserting and sealing mail can now be done in minutes, instead of hours. That means significant time will become available to do all the other things that need to be accomplished in your office.

The DS-35 is very easy to use. Load envelopes and documents. Select a pre-programmed job. Press a button. That’s all there is to it. The DS-35 goes to work producing a professional looking mail piece every time.

From invoices to promotions, the DS-35 folder inserter is the perfect solution to automatically and professionally assemble your mail.

DocuCare by Neopost
Integrated Service and Support
When it comes to operating and maintaining the productivity tools you’ve invested in, Neopost is right by your side to keep your communications flowing at a price you can afford. DocuCare is a selection of service packages for Neopost Mail Assembly Systems. Each package is designed to meet a service standard that you’re comfortable with and give you peace of mind knowing that Neopost is the right partner for your business. We guarantee to keep your mail assembly system operating smoothly and efficiently.