Fold, insert and seal in three easy steps

Are you working in an environment where response time to your business communications is key? The DS-75 mail assembly system is the ideal productivity tool for any office or mail center environment.

The DS-75 can process a wide variety of mail pieces for direct marketing efforts, campaigns, invoicing, monthly statements and virtually any other application your company can or will do. Designed for casual users, the DS-75 includes intuitive touch screen control, instant job recall and graphical, wizard-based navigation, making it easy for anyone to set up and assemble  documents into finished mail pieces.

Loading new assembly jobs is also made easy with Neopost’s unique Load’n Go design. Just load your documents and your envelopes, press start and go! The DS-75 automatically measures the length of all loaded documents and envelopes in order to adjust all settings automatically. Once the settings are adjusted, the DS-75 saves the settings to memory for instant job recall the next time you run the same job.

DocuCare by Neopost
Integrated Service and Support
When it comes to operating and maintaining the productivity tools you’ve invested in, Neopost is right by your side to keep your communications flowing at a price you can afford. DocuCare is a selection of service packages for Neopost Mail Assembly Systems. Each package is designed to meet a service standard that you’re comfortable with and give you peace of mind knowing that Neopost is the right partner for your business. We guarantee to keep your mail assembly system operating smoothly and efficiently.