The ideal solution for paper folding

The PF-80 will process all standard fold types and paper sizes to meet your needs. The Daily Mail Mode feeder allows up to four stapled or unstapled sheets to be folded at one time through a dedicated Daily Mail feed system with its own side guides and skew adjustment system. When it comes to paper folding, nothing does it faster or with higher quality than the Neopost PF-80.

Operators will find the PF-80 easy to use. It includes an LCD control panel, intuitive  navigation, up to 25 programmable jobs, and intelligent sensors that automatically stop the system if a problem occurs. The PF-80 will fold sheets in two minutes  or less can and hold up to 500 finished pieces on its telescoping outfeed stacker. A folding adjustment feature allows users to set fold stops for crisp, accurate folds every time.