Open Your Inbound Mail Quickly and Easily

Neopost Letter Openers

Neopost IM-16C

The Secure Letter Opener

Whether processing checks, orders, remittance pieces or daily incoming mail, the IM-16C opens various envelope types, saves time, leaves no waste, and...

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Neopost IM-75

Intelligent incoming mail processing

Automating this process with the Neopost IM-75 means a substantial daily time savings and a dramatic reduction in the likelihood of errors. It also takes...

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OPEX Letter Openers

Neopost IM-2112

Envelope opening and content extraction made easy

The Neopost IM-2112 letter opener is the latest advancement in envelope opening technology. Utilizing milling cutting and a self-adjusting feeder to open a...

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Neopost IM-306

Intelligent envelope opening, content extraction and sorting

Using milling cutter technology with 8 cut-depth positions removes chips as small as 0.01” from the envelope edge, producing a soft, feathered edge while...

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