High Performance Mail and Parcel Processing at its Best

The advanced modular design allows you to configure your own system and only purchase the components and options you need. With Neopost, you won’t waste money on fancy features you’ll never use. As well ,each IS-6000 comes standard with a permanent print head designed to last the life of the mailing system, provides maximum return on your investment.

As part of its revolutionary design, the IS-6000 includes an internet connected smart meter that provides on-demand online access to control your mailing system and postage expenditures.

With large buttons, simple-to-use navigation menus and direct internet access to online tools such as MYNEOPOST, canadapost.ca, Fedex, Purolator and UPS, the IS-6000 transforms your mailing system into a fully connected Postal Terminal.

MYNEOPOST is a unique online application that provides instant access to all of the services and supplies you need to realize the full potential of your mailing system. MYNEOPOST is suited for any size mailroom, from small offices to multi-site organizations.
Manage, report, diagnose, control and purchase supplies through a single online tool - it's all right at your fingertips.

To guarantee your organization's increased efficiency and effectiveness, we offer MailCare, a suite of mailing system service packages based on comprehensive, long-term support that will keep your IS system and your business running smoothly and efficiently.
Each MailCare service plan is a uniquely integrated service and support solution that allows you to choose the level of service and support you need at a price that suits your budget. With no hidden fees, MailCare keeps service and support simple while maximizing the value of your investment.

Neopost and Bullfrog Power
Neopost is proud to partner with Bullfrog Power to help you support your environmental initiatives. Every new Neopost mailing system will automatically be bullfrogpowered with 100% clean, pollution-free electricity for the duration of the agreement. We believe in giving back to the environment; that’s why we’re the first, and only, mailing solutions provider to offer this unique value-add at no additional cost.