To maximize distribution efficiency in your communications centre

It all starts in the mailroom. No matter the size of your organization, a well-engineered mailroom can increase productivity, maximize efficiency and streamline your workflow. Quadient offers a line of modular mailroom furniture with significant benefits to your mailroom and office operations, and provides custom design services to meet your unique mail sorting and distribution needs.

Key Benefits

Increase Productivity: Modular components provide flexibility to maximize space and help enhance an efficient working environment.

Improve Morale: Heavy-duty stainless steel tops help crate a durable & hygienic working space that is easy to maintain.

Health & Safety: Full height adjustability help meet the ergonomic needs of your employees and optimizes comfort and workflow.

Enhance Corporate Image: Extend your company’s image into the mailroom by coordinating your furniture with your corporate colours and office décor.

Mailroom Accessories

Tools to get your mail where it needs to go. Constructed to withstand the everyday rigors of a busy mailroom, our assortment of accessories including mailsort frames, carts and modular shelving will help you get the job done properly and efficiently.

  • Sort Unit Accessories
  • Mail Carts
  • High-Density Storage Units
  • Cheque Processing Units & Accessories
  • Mailroom Equipment
  • Mailroom Supplies
  • Drop/Collection Boxes