Efficient and Dependable Folders by Neopost

Quadient's Folders are an ideal solution for any not-for-profit organization, school or small business that is cost conscious but requires the increased efficiency that automated folding delivers.
Neopost PF-60

Accurate, versatile and user friendly

There’s no need to keep watch over this versatile folder. Load up to 500 sheets in the hopper; select the fold type, press the start button and walk away to...

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Neopost PF-80

The ideal solution for paper folding

The PF-80 will process all standard fold types and paper sizes to meet your needs. The Daily Mail Mode feeder allows up to four stapled or unstapled sheets...

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Neopost PF-90

A fully automatic folding solution

Easy adjustment can be made to process a variety of precision folds including single, letter, z-fold, gate, fold-out, and double parallel. Jobs are...

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