Rethink, Retool, Relax

Start with an objective second opinion

Sometimes it takes a significant increase in costs to prompt a serious review of your existing vendors. Neopost experts can objectively evaluate your business processes to determine:

  • How much your mail volumes have increased or decreased?
  • If your current equipment still makes sense?
  • Which alternatives may be better for you?

From this analysis, we'll suggest practical ways for you to streamline and improve communication efficiency with your customers.


Consider Neopost systems for superior cost efficiency.

Our popular IS Series combines intelligent automation, intuitive programming, connectivity and online management into one single solution. Every IS Series solution comes with myneopost online services, which make it easy to view postage levels and metering activity by department or time period, and order supplies 24/7.


Enjoy our unparalleled customer service.

Service calls are picked up within 60 seconds and we are one site in as little as 8 hours. In a 2010 survey by InfoQuest, 90% of our customers across Canada say they would recommend us to an associate and 91% say they would buy from us again.


Take advantage of this limited time offer.

Switch to Neopost and let us help you offset the rising costs of power. PLUS,
for a limited time, you'll receive 20% off the cost of your equipment.

Contact us for your FREE consultation today or call us at 1 877 559 1841


Neopost and Bullfrog Power®

Neopost is proud to partner with Bullfrog Power® to help you support your environmental initiatives. Your new Neopost mailing system will automatically be bullfrog powered with 100% clean, pollution-free electricity for the duration of your agreement. Reduce your energy pollution and support green energy in Canada with Neopost and Bullfrog Power®.

You can learn more about Bullfrog Power®here.