Wasting time and money with stamps is no laughing matter

Driving to the post office, waiting in line and interrupting your work result in lost time and money. The IS-280 Mail’n Ship Station is like having a dedicated mailroom right in your office! From weighing and selecting rates to downloading postage now and paying for it later, the Neopost IS-280 makes mail and parcel processing fast, easy and affordable.

Order today to get six months FREE system rental plus a FREE starter package valued at over $200! Tell us that you received this promotion and we’ll also give you FREE access to NeoShip, our easy to use web tool that allows you to access Canada Post parcel rates and create shipping labels using your existing office printer.  

The Neopost Mail’n Ship Station is the better choice for your business

8 reasons the Neopost IS-280 beats stamps

1. You won’t waste time, gas and money driving to the post office and waiting in line.
2. You pay less to send a letter.
3. You get free online apps that allow you to manage and report on all your mail and parcel activity in one place.
4. It’s easy to select the services and rates you need, including standard Lettermail, Incentive Lettermail and International mail. 
5. You can personalize your mail with a logo or return address.
6. Access your Canada Post Small Business account and save up to 40% on parcel shipments using NeoShip, plus you’ll get free address correction and detailed transaction reports that aren’t available through Canada Post’s Electronic Shipping Tool.
7. Neopost is a world leader in mailing and shipping solutions and a trusted business partner for over 90 years.
8. You can feel good knowing you’re supporting green energy initiatives in Canada.


Send Mail

Send Mail

Calculate and print the exact postage required for a variety of mail classes
Ship Packages

Ship Packages

Select your service and print a shipping label right from your workstation

Choose Neopost. Respect the environment.

Our exclusive partnership with Bullfrog Power means we’re the only provider that delivers carbon neutral mailing systems. We’ll replace 100% of the energy used by your Neopost mailing system with green electricity from pollution-free, renewable sources.