“The Neopost Inserter is not just up to our expectations, it is much beyond that. We hope we can tap its full potential. Looks very solid, even the furniture is so thoughtfully designed.”

Ramesh. S, National Engineering Manager

The Client

CMS IT Services (A Blackstone Portfolio Company) is one of India’s top IT services firms. CMS Group has 3 main business divisions focussed on IT segment, Training and Digital Print.

CMS pioneered digital Print Services Bureau for variable data sector in India with an Integrated Document Factory having  Pre-Post Printing solutions. CMS prints 650+ Million A4 size documents every year across 10 locations, 120 digital printers and 200+ employees. As an overall group of 3 businesses, CMS provides Infrastructure Management, Product, IT and System Integration Support Services to large corporations mainly in banking, insurance, retail, telecom, health and manufacturing sectors.

The Journey Uphill to close the deal

CMS called Neopost mid of 2016 to present technical proposal to offer 4-5 mid range inserter model to be installed in small cities having monthly volumes of 200-300K envelopes. The application was A4 billing statements with OMR reading and 2-3 inserts using C5/C6 envelopes.

Neopost after careful evaluation of the application, volumes and future scope offered DS180 Tower with 3 Stations, OMR/1D/2D, Double Insert BRE Feeder and AIMS 100.

The CMS Technical, Operations and software team had an interactive three hour session with Neopost team. At the end of the discussion the customer was convinced with the robustness, flexibility, and upgradability of DS180 system coupled with excellent reporting options from AIMS 100.

The customer was finally given a live demonstration of DS150 on a customer premises in Chicago, USA. It was followed up by a couple of rounds of successful testing of customer stationery in APAC office and then in the Drachten factory.

The customer was now thoroughly convinced with going ahead in firming up its relationship with Neopost as a Company and DS180 as the right product. The customer inked an order for 5 X DS180 Inserters.

The final challenge

The end customer was squeezing CMS to make the machines operational in all four locations in a short span of 4 weeks. It was again a great effort from commercial team at NISL, Drachten and Loughton to put the 5 X DS180 and AIMS 100 together and ship to India in 2 weeks. The next 2 weeks were supported by a well coordinated visit of engineer, from IPSS Drachten, for training the CMS engineers for maintenance and then assisting them on installations in Chennai, Chandigarh and Bhopal. The fact that the fourth installation in Cochin was done independently by CMS engineers ratify the extensive technical training support provided by Neopost and acumen shown by CMS engineers. Jan Anton as a trainer was really pleased with the quality of CMS technical team and organized operations.

CMS Team & Neopost India with Jan Anton Jager, IPSS Drachten, Neopost.

After the Installation

The customer was pleased with their decision to buy AIMS 100 against their initial reluctance to do so as they had their own in-house developed reporting tool for managing its existing Inserter base. They found AIMS as a very professional reporting tool which is easy to use.

In the course of setting one of the jobs the customer required to move the 2D Barcode from top to the bottom of the document and it was taking hours to do the adjustment.  However when we shared that same can be done using OMS 500 in minutes the customer is now considering to evaluate the same.

CMS is also considering to pitch the close loop solution using OMS 500 to its end customers to establish clear audit trail of document printed and inserted which in turn can get more business and improved margins.

The ease with which the DS range prepares itself while switching from one job to another is already making the customer to evaluate a DS 1XXX in near future.

The current setup is dedicated to invoicing application of a telecom service provider in India. The customer is very positive that with successful implementation of automated insertion in low volume small cities they will be able to approach other companies as well for new business.

The technical and operations team of the customer was delighted to see, touch and feel the robust make of the machine and was pleased to see how easy it was to access inside the machine for user maintenance. The customer hopes that it will enhance the productivity of the operations.

Customer Testimonials:

I imagine inking this order is now a historic moment for Neopost India …especially since buying 5 auto-inserters in the Indian VDP market is not a common phenomenon!”

Ani Khandekar, Head Print Solutions and Digital Business

“The Neopost Inserter is not just up to our expectations, it is much beyond that. We hope we can tap its full potential. Looks very solid, even the furniture is so thoughtfully designed.”

Ramesh. S, National Engineering Manager

Jan Anton Jager, IPSS Drachten, Neopost and Ramesh. S, National Engineering Manager, CMS.