The Post is the national postal incumbent in charge of delivering letters & small parcels up to 1kg. The Post ensures the universal postal service in the whole domestic territory.

The Post of Ivory Coast key figures:

- 1000 employees

- 200 post offices’ branches

- 1 sorting centre

BICICI: The first major account equipped with the IS-480

The BICICI bank (International bank for Trade and Industry of Ivory Coast), part of the BNP Paribas group, has 40 branches in the whole country as well as its head office in Abidjan. The dispatching centre in the “Le Plateau” area, was recently equipped by the Post with a digital franking machine IS-480 for franking more than 50, 000 letters monthly. Easy to use, ergonomic & fast (up to 150 letters per minute), the IS-480 improved the delivery of the bank statements significantly. Moreover, the dynamic scale enables each mail piece to be weighed, and thus ensures precise postage, and avoids any over stamping.

Higher productivity for ORANGE - Abidjan

The mailroom of one of the ORANGE company locations in Abidjan is also using a Neopost IS-480 franking machine. The users are fond of the external weighing platform that can weigh items up to 3kg. Indeed with the IS-480, mail pieces for the same recipients can be made of multiple invoices. The intuitive color touchscreen is also highly appreciated.

Web interface for security & traceability

The franking machines are connected to a postal server that enables for detailed statistical uploads, and secure financial transactions. Thanks to the dedicated web interface, The Post can see the postal activity of the entire installed base.

"Our customers were highly motivated to use their new digital franking machines." Mr. Marc Kouamé, Manager of Franking Machines Center, Post of Ivory Coast