Manu-Mail, a mailing company based in Lebbeke in Belgium, provides its customers with everything they need to make their direct mail campaigns a success. From printing documents to folding and inserting these documents into envelopes. It employees 12 people who process 3-4 million envelopes per year for B2B organizations such as offset printing companies and stores. Manu-Mail also helps customers manage the mailing of their invoices. We spoke to Davy Langelet, General Manager of Manu-Mail, about the processing of his customer invoices (over 500 invoices per day) and how Neopost’s OMS-500 document output management software has helped him make this aspect of his physical mail business more efficient.

Lack of Fast, Accurate Address Data Extraction

Before investing in OMS-500 output management software the main problem Manu-Mail had was based on the fact that customers were sending them pdf files, but they couldn’t extract accurate address data from these files in order to meet requirements for the Belgian Post Office.  The software they were using at the time was slow and a job could take up to two days. In addition, the data they extracted from the pdf files was not 100% accurate. A further problem was caused by the fact that the output management software being used couldn’t handle big files.

A Test Run for New Output Management Software

Davy and his team therefore decided that they needed to either upgrade or invest in new software. The ability to handle big files was important for Manu-Mail. So Davy decided to test his big more complex files on OMS-500 for a month in order to establish whether or not OMS-500 could do what it promised it could do. He transferred his workflows from the old document output management software into OMS-500. And once he started running the tests he immediately noticed a difference.

Improved Security and Postal Optimization

Neopost’s OMS-500 allows users to define which document should go into which communications piece.  It can sort and collate documents to avoid sending multiple items to the same recipient, and it secures the content of each envelope.  Users can also customize their documents to comply with postal regulations and avoid undeliverable mail issues, reducing the costs of unnecessary postage and lost productivity.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

This document output management software was designed to enable business users to easily manage their customer communications via a web-browser.  It is extremely easy to configure in order to meet specific requirements and standards and without any major IT involvement.  Its web-based intuitive interface offers instant feedback on various jobs and allows users to define and run new document configurations.

Faster, More Secure and Accurate Invoice Processing

This solution has made life much easier for everyone at Manu-Mail. As Davy explains: “OMS-500 document output management software enables us to handle a job in two hours, compared to two days with our previous solution. We can extract address data quickly from our customers’ pdf files. We can then use this data to create mail IDs for the Belgian Post Office in the form of barcodes that appear above the addresses without any problem.”  OMS-500 also enables Manu-Mail to add a 2D code to all of their invoices, enabling them to link the entire process to their DS-140 and DS-200 folder inserters, automating the entire process. And as Davy confirms: “Thanks to OMS-500 we can now ensure our customers that the right invoice is sent to the right person via a secure automated process.”

Improved Document Processing with OMS-500 Output Management Software

Manu-Mail finds OMS-500 document output management software very easy to use and it gives them a lot more autonomy. No technical training was required. And thanks to the good relationship they have with their local Neopost Account Manager in Belgium, there is always someone available when any technical help is needed. Davy’s previous provider was based in Holland and the developers were based in South Africa. This meant it took longer to solve problems or get answers to questions. OMS-500 is much faster than Davy’s previous output management software and the data extracted is 99% correct. And as this solution can handle big files it meets all of Davy’s criteria for fast and accurate invoice processing.

Manu-Mail is impressed by Neopost and is planning to invest in a new folder inserter machine to replace the DS-200 in the future. It has already recommended OMS-500 output management software to one of their competitors. “I told them to go for 0MS-500 because of speed, accuracy, the user-friendly aspect and the capacity to handle big files” explains Davy. He goes on to say: “In our sector it’s so important to be able to say that we will start a job at a particular time and that we will finish it at a specific time.”

My advice to anyone considering investing in OMS-500 document output management software is just to test it. It’s easy to use and you’ll soon find out how easy it is to create a workflow that gets the job done quickly.”

About Manu-Mail

- Founded in 1989 as a one-man business named DM-Consult

- Became Manu-Mail NV in 1996

- Based in Lebbeke, Belgium, in a newly built industrial building of 1,250 m2

- 12 employees

- Experienced in direct mail marketing & recognized as communications experts

- Specialized in: 

  • Printing for the postal market - with variable data, 
  • e-mail campaigns
  • Correspondence for third-parties: invoicing, registered letters and more
  • Catalogs, brochures: offset printing or high quality color printing even for limited editions
  • Short to long digital print runs 
  • Manual handling for short periods: glue dots, adhesive work, plasticization, packaging, foliating, sticking

- Individual monitoring and service with clear sound agreements