The public healthcare services body, Groupement d'Intérêt Public Santé Informatique de Bretagne (GIP SIB), has acquired a professional folder inserter (DS-1200), postage machine (IJ-110 Mixed) and software applications for the tracking of postal items and for monitoring mail processing (AIMS).

In association with Daniel Corre, Manager of Hosting and Related Services Department at SIB.

The Major Challenge in Meeting SIB's Development Objectives

Following a tender process, SIB engaged the expertise of Neopost France with a view to increasing productivity, migrating to industrial postal rates and better managing its mail flows.

SIB was looking for a comprehensive solution capable of handling every stage of mail piece production from letter insertion through to metering, at the same time as being able to monitor the content integrity of its mail flows. Neopost was able to offer SIB this solution, as well as offer guidance on the available options.

"Having compared the different functionalities during a factory visit, we finally opted for the DS-1200 from Neopost. Its output capacity (featuring four feeders), its flexibility of use (with vertical delivery system) and its reasonable price were decisive factors for us."

Daniel CORRE
Manager, HOSTING and Related Services Department, SIB.

Fast and Simple Implementation of Folder Inserter Solutions

Working closely with the teams at SIB, Neopost's experts carefully planned the implementation phase of the project so as not to halt mail processing operations for longer than three days. The technical department at Neopost incorporated the production conditions at SIB into the new DS-1200 prior to delivery.

GIP SIB then made a visit to the Neopost plant in Loughton (UK) to approve the configurations, and could see that they worked on the DS-1200. The equipment was delivered on the intended date, and processing resumed three days later.

SIB was also able to avail of a technician for a one month period, who provided a full staff training program as well as enabling optimal set-up for the applications.

Equipped with a DS-1200 folder inserter, postage machine, postal regulation software and AIMS software, SIB today maintains its commitment to quality and delivery time for its customers and members.

Neopost Partners with SIB for the Introduction of Paperless Correspondence

SIB is now considering introducing paperless pay slips for hospital staff. Neotouch responds to this need by guiding customers through the transition from paper to electronic communications, offering transmission solutions for paperless correspondence.

"We have begun to offer hospitals a single-piece mail solution for their medical examination reports. We would also like to develop paperless solutions for mail flows such as pay slips."

Daniel CORRE
Manager, HOSTING and Related Services Department, SIB.

More Information on Neopost Solutions

The DS-1200 folder inserter is designed to increase processing speeds and reduce set-up time, thereby guaranteeing maximum productivity. Its component settings adjust automatically, making it easy to use. It is also versatile, as its feeders can handle a wide variety of documents, while folding pouches automatically adjust to any type of standard fold, irrespective of the positioning of the address.

Thanks to its software solution, businesses can profit from Neopost’s expertise in digitized processes for monitoring all document flows from the insertion phase onwards: sorting and organizing dispatch, printing of labels in accordance with postal service norms, or calculating amounts for re-invoicing.

Finally, AIMS software complements the insertion process by ensuring the traceability of the postal item. At any given moment, the user has a clear picture of the status and log record for every document dispatched. Using AIMS ensures that the content of each item of mail is verified and its integrity guaranteed.

With all of its offerings, Neopost provides a comprehensive solution to customer service challenges.

Introduction to Groupement d'Intérêt Public Santé Informatique de Bretagne (GIP SIB)

GIP SIB are experts in the design and implementation of Hospital Information Systems (SIH) and Health Information Systems (SIS). They operate in 350 public healthcare establishments across France and overseas, from retirement homes to regional hospitals. SIB is responsible for the folding, insertion and dispatch of pay slips for the employees of healthcare bodies (1.2 million per year) as well as bills for patients (1.4 million per year). Approved by the Ministry of Health to host confidential patient data, SIB specializes in implementing and hosting e-health services (e.g. health records, pharmacy records), hosting information systems and facilities management.