Rick’s Plumbing Service, based in in Milford, Connecticut, is dedicated to providing the best plumbing and hydronic heating service to the local community. The company offers a variety of plumbing and heating installations and repairs, performed by certified skilled plumbers. We spoke to Rick about his work and found out how a postage meter from Neopost has made his life so much easier.

Can you tell us about your mailing process?

Our mailing needs are for the multiple companies that we are in contact with. We probably do about 15 to 20 mailings a day. Then we have seasonal times when we are probably doing 500-600 mailings in order to get out our contracts for example. Also, come the holiday season, with our over 3,000 customers, it’s a breeze, believe it or not, as funny as it may sound, to sit here and fire the cards out one after another, trouble-free.

How is the postage machine trouble-free?

It’s trouble-free because once we turn the IS-350 postage machine on, the rollers start going, we just constantly feed one envelope after another until they pile up so high, we’ve got to shut the machine off because we can’t keep up with it.


About Rick’s Plumbing Service

  • All employees have passed a drug-screening so that customers feel comfortable letting Milford plumbers and heating technicians into their home.
  • The company offers coupons!!!! Because, hey, who doesn’t want to save a little money?
  • The products and labor are guaranteed.  
  • They install QUALITY brand-name products.
  • Rick’s Plumbing doesn’t just do plumbing—it does hydronic heating too!