Using an IS-350 speeds up the process of getting your business critical mail out of the door.

Franking solution case study

With over 100 sites, Bizspace is one of the UK’s leading providers of managed workspace. It offers flexible property licensing or leasing solutions specifically for the SME market. With a single payment, Bizspace removes the burden of mundane property matters. This service relies on sending out business critical documents, such as invoices, statements and marketing communications to customers on time.
Kath Gordon, Bizspace’s Business Centre Manager, previously relied on stamps to process her 100 letters per day. Knowing the growing number of letters to be sent, she promptly identified the need to install a system to save time and money by not having to queue at the post office to buy stamps. She chose Neopost based on recommendations from other Bizspace sites where Neopost machines have proven their reliability.
Neopost recommended the IS-350 franking machine to Kath in order to match her need for speed and cost effectiveness. Compact, quiet and easy to use, this machine provides accurate weighing and franking whilst fitting smoothly into an office environment. «It’s now quicker because I no longer need to go to the Post Office to buy stamps. The Neopost IS-350 allows me to re-credit my franking machine from the comfort of my own office 24/7», summarised Kath.

Franking machines save time and cost savings

«This new franking machine enables me to manage my mail faster than ever»

Kath GORDON - Business center manager


Using an IS-350 speeds up the process of getting your business critical mail out of the door. With its 40 letters per minute capacity, it just takes you a few minutes to frank and send your letters.
The integrated weighing platform is designed to accurately weigh every item from a single envelope to larger packages eliminating under and over stamping. «When using the franking machine on a daily basis, I have made postal savings since I have stopped buying stamps from the Post Office», commented Kath. Franking machine users receive a 3p discount on every 1st class letter sent, 5p discount on every 2nd class letter and up to 89p on every 2kg package sent.

Flexible and easy to operate franking machine for small business

        «I am very satisfied with the IS-350»
        Kath Gordon - Business Centre Manager

The IS-350 is very straightforward with quick rate shortcuts. There is no need to go through a lot of menus. Moreover, it has 9 job memories which enable the user to set up frequently used tasks. «I find the machine very reliable and user-friendly» stated Kath. Along with the efficiency of its equipment, Neopost provides enhanced services such as myneopost, a unique online service which gives each user the ability to monitor, track and control postal expenditure online. Postage expenditure and expenses can be managed with an online account allowing you to manage your postal budget more effectively. Kath did not fail to conclude by highlighting the excellent customer care Neopost provides to her.