AOK, a major health insurance company based in Munich, Germany, insures 4.3 million people across Bavaria. Streamlining customer communications is important for AOK’s busy mailroom that recently agreed to field test Neopost’s new IN-700 Series (IS-480 Eco in Germany) postage meter.

Getting Mail Out On Time

The team of 20 mailroom workers here handles bulk mailings and mixed mail, requiring postage meter solutions capable of processing approximately 5,000 letters per day. Therefore  in order to ensure their letters got out on time they decided to test the automatic mixed-size feeder, which adjusts to sort mail by size and thickness, and the postal rate wizard in combination with the dynamic scale, to accurately rate the mail.

An Eco-Friendly Mailing System

The company is committed to protecting the environment and only uses recycled envelopes bearing the Blue Angel seal, used as certification for environmentally-friendly products and services in Germany. AOK was therefore pleased to learn that Neopost’s IN-700 metered mail system was an Eco-Label product, designed to reduce environmental impact at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Fast, Flexible and Efficient

The field test proved that the IN-700 Series was easy to use, thanks to its intuitive color touch screen, offering simple navigation and shortcut keys that help speed up mail processing. Furthermore the people testing this postage meter machine were delighted to watch the equipment operating almost silently. The users confirmed that the printing was clear, irrespective of letter thickness or size. The users believe that the IN-700 Series is essential for mailrooms that have to process high volumes of mail on a daily basis. Its flexibility means that employees can be trained quickly and therefore be allocated different tasks, thus keeping mailroom operations running smoothly.


“I would recommend this machine to other mailrooms as it’s so easy to use…. I also find it is very good value for money.”

Ingrid Kube, Mailroom Supervisor at AOK