The Norwegian Engineers and Managers Association, the FLT, is a trade union that represents civil engineers, technicians, middle managers and company leaders in Norway. The FLT has approximately 21,000 members who consult the FLT for help with work-related issues. The association also provides grants for further education and training.

Busy Mailing Periods

Each month the organization handles around 5,000 mail pieces and during busy periods this figure can grow to almost 20,000. The main bulk of mail sent out by the FLT is invoices. These transactional documents are sent to either individuals or companies, requesting payment for membership. The period running up to Christmas is particularly busy as the FLT sends out information to all members, including updates on fee changes for the following year.


A Race Against Time for Mail Processing

Before investing in the OMS-500 solution the association had to manually sort everything. This took up a lot of time. So the mailroom team decided to invest in a basic output management solution that helped them save a few hours in mail processing time. However they found that this was not enough.


A Fast, Flexible Output Managment Solution

The FLT had already worked with Neopost as they had invested in a DS-85 folder inserter and an IS-480 postage machine. And when the association talked to Neopost about the challenges they were facing, discussions took place on output management options. Before investing in OMS-500 the FLT spent almost half a day sorting mail. Now they have reduced this time down to one hour per month. And as Tone explains “it’s simple and easy to use and we can use it for more than just invoicing.” Thanks to the OMS-500 the association now spends less time on manual tasks and more time looking after their members. The OMS-500 is multifunctional and has a lot of potential The association now plans to use it for digital communications too. “Thanks to the OMS-500 we feel positive about the future.” confirms Tone.


How it Works

You don’t need to be a seasoned operator to use the solution. All you have to do is:
• Select your files
• Drop them into a folder
• Open OMS-500
• Watch the system process your files


The FLT at a Glance


• A trade union based in Oslo, Norway
• Represents civil engineers, technicians, middle managers and company leaders
• Over 21,000 members
• Offers legal assistance and help with problems at work.
• Helps employees and management to communicate and collaborate.
• Provides and finances education and training aimed at employees.

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