Peter Gibson is the student billing co-coordinator at the Andover Newton Theological School in Massachusetts (U.S.A.). He is is responsible for getting his students to pay their bills. Mr. Gibson took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about his school’s mailing needs and why he decided to choose a DS-35 folder inserter from Neopost. 

Why did you choose a Neopost folder inserter?

PG: Our IT Director had had bad luck with another folder inserter and so we were thinking of going with the competition but he didn’t want to do that.  After great discussion we decided what was needed was a demonstration of a Neopost machine.

Did you have any special requirements?

PG: We wanted to see the folder inserter operate on multiple sheets. We wanted to see it operate on unusual envelope sizes. And we wanted to see it operate on our mailroom table downstairs which is not the most stable stand on to which to put a machine. The DS-35 had no problems at all here.


How is the DS-35 folder inserter working out?

PG: We send out statements once a month. It’s not a real high volume operation. It’s about 400 or 450 statements each month, at the end of the month. And up until we got the folder inserter I had to do the folding inserting myself. It’s a huge labor saver for me and works very smoothly. It has great diagnostics. It stops before it makes a mess. It doesn’t mess up the statements so that I have to run them again.

How much time are you saving with this folder inserter?

PG: It used to take me about six hours to fold and insert my monthly statement run. And now it takes an hour and 15 minutes from beginning to end. That’s an enormous amount of time saved and means much less frustration for me.

How would you sum up the benefits of this folding and inserting solution?

PG: I must admit that my neck and back feel much better after spending an hour and 15 minutes with the DS-35 rather than five or six hours sitting at my desk folding and inserting when the pile doesn’t seem to go down. So I’m very happy to have it.