Invoicing is a critical activity for all businesses but it can be a frustrating drain on time and resources. Many businesses still create and issue invoices by hand; even when they’re sent by email, a number of time-consuming manual processes are involved. If time spent on the invoicing function can be slashed, small businesses will instead be able to devote it to revenue generating activities.  

Digitizing the Entire Invoicing Function 

Digitizing invoicing end-to-end can make the function work more smoothly and efficiently, while improving communications and relations with customers through accurate, consistent documents, shared the way customers wish to receive them. With the right application, small businesses can:

  1. Satisfy customer preferences for invoicing by mail or email
  2. Personalize invoices, adding color and logos to convey a professional image
  3. Monitor send and delivery status of invoices when in or out of the office
  4. Gain a single centralized access to documents and digital record of communications
  5. Reduce storage cost and space taken up by paper-based invoices
  6. Locate invoices easily without searching through filing cabinets
  7. Add document attachments as needed
  8. Save time and cost of printing and postage 
  9. Free up time to focus on growing the business. 

Download the Tackling the Invoicing Time Drain eBook to discover how your business can save time, improve invoicing efficiency and satisfy customer preferences on how they wish to receive communications.