Air purification for room sizes of 323 - 538* square feet

The LUFT™ AP40 Pro Air Purifier combines compact design with industry leading air purification technology and energy efficiency to ensure maximum air throughput and optimized air filtration.

Features and Specifications

Ease of Use

The current air quality in the room is indicated by a three-colour LED coding system displayed on the control panel. Automatic mode, level 1/2/3, turbo and night mode can be selected quickly from the intuitive touch screen. Additional features such as a timer function, child lock, filter status and automatic mode customization can be adjusted from your smart phone using the Ideal Air Pro app available at Google Play and the Apple App Store.


The design and construction of the AP40 Pro Air Purifier ensures maximum air throughput and optimized air filtration. The 360° multi-layer filter consists of a fine mesh pre-filter, a true HEPA filter, and final filtering layer that includes a high activated carbon portion. Equipped with RFID intelligence for easy filter change, the 360° multi-layer filter removes even the smallest particles such as pathogens, allergens and chemical compounds from indoor air. The AP40 Pro catches particles that are further away, then evenly distributes the cleaned air back in to your room.
Fan speed levels:


Power consumption (watts) :

5 / 6 / 7 / 9 / 75 

Noise levels (dB)

16,7/18,5 /23,6/33/61,7

Air throughput (m3 /h):


Dimensions (D x W x H), inches:

398 x 255 x 298 mm

Shipping weight, kg: