AJ700 Jogger

The AJ700 jogger from MBM is a floor model jogger with a unique air assist that forces air between pages to eliminate powder build up and jogging time. Press sheets as well as digital copies are able to be air dried immediately to prevent offset. The MBM AJ700 has air only and vibrate only functions with a 4" deep V shaped adjustable paper tray. 

The AJ700 Air Feed Jogger is mounted on casters for easy storage. The air feed system on the AJ700 significantly reduces misfeeds and double feeds in printers, folders, and collaters. Equipped with foot pedal or continuous duty operation with and automatic timer, the AJ700 Air-Feed Jogger is ideal for high capacity jobs that need effeciency and time saved.


Paper size:

5" x 7 3⁄8" to 12 7⁄8" x 17 3⁄4"

Sheet capacity:


Dimensions (D x W x H), inches:

17" x 22" x 45 1/4"

Shipping weight, pounds: