Location Hub Viewer

Data Visualization Done Right

When it comes to visualization, data quality is crucial. Location Hub® Viewer is the industry’s only cloud-based data visualization tool that automatically cleanses your data before displaying it on a map, providing you with a more accurate view of your business. When combined with Location Hub’s robust data offering, you’ll increase efficiency, drive new revenue streams and improve business performance.

location hub viewer

Add-ons and Data Bundles:
  • Address points
  • Data analytics
  • Postal code boundries (LDU)
  • Census boundries
  • Frimographic data
  • Advance demographic data
  • Flood data
  • Water elevation
  • Reverse geocoding
  • Dedicated location expert
Base Package:
  • Data clensing
  • Map of Canada
  • Postal code boundries (FSA)
  • Drive time
  • Points of interest
  • Table viewer
  • Address search



Accuracy Matters: The UAID Difference
Our widely-adopted Unique Address Identifier UAID® – based on high-precision geocodes – ensures address accuracy, right down to the rooftop. Addresses evolve over time, but once a UAID is assigned to an address, it never changes. That means you’ll always be working with the most accurate address data available. The UAID makes collaborating with other departments or businesses within your ecosystem quick and easy, and reduces the chance of human error.

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