Saving Money Matters

Canada Post Discounts on Metered Mail

Don’t get pressured into making a decision that’s not right for your business. Let a company that’s known for its integrity give you the straight goods on what’s new in the postal industry. Over our 90 years in the business, we’ve learned the value of having business partners that you can count on for honest and objective advice. Let us show you first-hand the many ways Neopost out performs the competition.

Stop overpaying for postage

Canada Post's commercial rate discounts mean your business could be saving on every letter you mail. Plus, the IS-280 easily weighs and affixes the correct postage at these lower rates, with no hassle or time consuming trips to the post office.

What's included with Neopost's unparalled customer service?

Straight-forward agreements that deliver what you expect, with no hidden fees or penalties. A starter supply package valued at over $200 that includes a custom indicia and full size ink cartridge that's guaranteed to last longer than any others on the market.



Let us show you first-hand the many ways Neopost outperforms the competition.