The Intelligent Addressing Solution

Finally, address accuracy for Canadian mailing needs with the flexibility and speed required by today's businesses! Quadient Canada is proud to present iAddress, simple to use, SERP-certified address correction and presortation software. iAddress offers Canada Post recognized address accuracy with presortation to reduce postage costs and significantly increase deliverability. Processing is fast, up to 2 million records per hour.
Ensure your mailings arrive and lower your mailing costs with iAddress! From data entry to postage savings in mass mailings, iAddress is the fast, intelligent solution for today’s mailing needs.

Address Correction & Letter Carrier Presort Software

iAddress is a true Windows application, supporting the Windows look and feel, including hotkeys and column resizing. It is user-friendly, utilizing a point and click interface complete with drop-down menus, help screens and user manual.

Optimize Communications

  • Ensure delivery of your mail to the correct recipient on the first attempt with accurate mailing address information.
  • Extensive filtering options ensure professional delivery of correspondence to a targeted audience.

Reduce Costs

  • Receive bulk postage discounts based on various levels of presorted mail according to Canada Post requirements.
  • Save on postage lost on returned mail due to inaccurate addresses by cleansing your list before the mailing is executed.

User Friendly Interface

  • Ability to identify inaccurate records and correct addresses with just the click of a mouse.
  • Distinct software package that supports and merges multiple database formats automatically.