I would like to express my complaint and or suggestion for improvement, who should I talk to?

Neopost always strives for excellent customer experiences and wants to hear from you. Please call us at 1-800-661-0200 and your call will be directed to the appropriate person.

Who can I speak to regarding my lease agreement, leasing invoice or any information change for my lease?

Please call 1-800-636-7678 and ask to speak with a Neopost Leasing representative.

Where is my order?

Please call us at 1-800-661-0200 to inquire about the status of your supplies order. Please call your account executive for tracking all other orders.

Calgary: 1-866-252-5595
Local: 403-252-6710

Montreal: 1-800-361-2382
Local: 514-331-3470

Ottawa: 1-888-826-3222
Local: 613-727-1189

Toronto: 1-800-281-4391
Local: 905-771-5157

What number should I call for inquiries about my past due invoice or for information on how to return my expired meter?

Our accounts receivable representatives can be contacted at 1-800-636-7678.

Can I combine my payment for postage, meter rental and lease all in one cheque?

When you prepare your cheque for postage, please do not include meter rental and/or lease payment on the same cheque. Combined payments will delay the processing of your cheque.


What is the balance in my account?

Click here for details on checking your account balance

Where do I send my cheque and who do I make my cheque payable to?

Neopost’s headquarters is located at:


Neopost Canada

150 Steelcase Road West,

Markham ON L3R 3J9


If you are sending a cheque for postage, please make the cheque out to DPOC with your account number noted.  Cheques for meter rental invoices should be made out to Neopost Canada and cheques for equipment leases should be made out to Neopost Leasing.

My cheque was sent and was cashed but it is not in my account. Where did my funds go?

If you know your cheque was cashed but funds are not in your account, please call us at 1-800-636-7678 and ask to speak with a cash posting representative. Please have the cheque number, date and amount as well as the cheque payee (ie. DPOC, Neopost) ready so we have all the information we would need to trace the funds.

I have multiple locations across Canada, can I cut one postage cheque for all locations?

Yes, your account executive can assist you in setting up a master postage account for all your locations.  

How can I take advantage of CPC discounts?

By using a Neopost  mailing system in combination with mail preparation software, you can take advantage of the volume discounts available for services like Addressed and Unaddressed Admail. Please contact your Account Executive for more information.

Do your meters meet Canada Post (CPC) requirements?

All Neopost meters meet Canada Post (CPC) requirements.